Marco Giardina - Composer and Producer

Marco Giardina is an italian composer with a great passion for instrumental soundtracks. Born in 1975 he fell in love with electronic music and sinthesizers...he listened Jean Michel Jarre,Kraftwerk, Rockets,Vangelis,Mike Oldfield. He was inspired by that music. At age 15 he began studying music and the electronic Keyboard.Simultaneously studied how to apply midi and computers to create music. Finally after years of practice and experiments came the first works aimed at video production. Works: 2005:

Original Soundtrack Of the movie "Nei tuoi occhi" by Sunfilms production of Christian Canderan

2007: OSTof the Thriler Movie “La notte dei giochi” by Video900 production of director Ronnie Roselli

2008: Soundtrack for Trudi (Pelouche)Showreel ,Onda(Mobile communication) Showreel ,Buiani Group Showreel

2009: OST for the short movie "Fenice" by Director Andrea Scalone OST for the cartoon "Tusele Marusele” By Arteecrescita of Walter Girolamo Codato OST of the movie “il sole tramonta a mezzanotte” by director Christian Canderan. OST for a teathrical childrens show “Bobo e l'isola dei pirati” by Andrea Andolina & Valentina Burolo OST of the short movie “Azrael” by Andrea Scalone.

2010: OST of the short movie “Il male ritorna” story by Alberto Bruni & directed by Andrea Scalone.

OST for "Geox Amphibiox" Showreel by Mecanismo OST of the movie “Occhi” By Lorenzo Bianchini

2011: OST for a second chapter of teathrical childrens show“Bobo e l'amuleto dei fenici” by Andrea Andolina & Valentina Burolo

2014: OST for a short movie "Nel mio giardino" from the director Andrea Andolina featuring the pianist and composer Luca Buosi.

This short movie is in competition at Los Angeles Film Fest.

2015: OST of a short movie "Anna" by the director Andrea Andolina featuring Luca Buosi.

OST of the horror movie "Anna la nera" by the director Ronnie Roselli featuring the singers Francesca Sanavro and Marilena Fadelli.

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