Marco Giardina’s iPrototype is a breath of fresh air

Marco Giardina’s iPrototype is a breath of fresh air. Reviving and bringing new life to the electronic scene, Giardina’s effort is flawless, and captivating, even more so with every listen. 19 tracks fill the album and they all have the ability to grab your attention upon first listen.

Opening the record is “Start of Transmission,” a spacey track that explodes with a vibrancy of sound. Sonically alluring sounds carry throughout the piece and the record as a whole. “Robot Bionic,” brings a playful, robot sounding element onto iPrototype, making it an interesting listen to say the least. Up next is the vintage tinged “Analog Eclypse,” which is laced with 80’s music perfection. This definitely brings a nostalgia factor into play. “Making the Prototype,” is a quirky song that makes the listener feel like they are in a factory. Resonating synthesizers and computer sounds bring “Making the Prototype,” to life, which carries nicely into the short yet sweet, “Quantica.”

“Cut By the Laser,” comes in with a force, as it is surrounded by keyboards and laser sounds, which then turns into an all out dance party. “Positronic Brain,” is an intriguing segueway into “Assembling the Prototype.” The trippy song stands on its own, even though it can be heard as the next chapter on this phenomenal record. “Industrial Paradox,” proves to be eerie from the very beginning, as its intensity will make you feel like you are being chased. This leads into the final chapter of the ‘prototype,’ saga, with the unforgettable “Activating the Prototype.” The song is upbeat yet somber at the same time, as it evokes such emotion without the use of any words. That is where Giardina’s talent truly lyes.

“Mnemonic Circuits,” and “Digital Eclypse,” go nicely hand in hand. “Digital Eclypse,” has the ability to bring you on a musical journey all on its own, proving to be a standout track on the record. Following is the harmonious piece titled “Creating the Voice,” which feels like it documents the first life to exist on earth. The raw and realistic tones are shadowed by a slight vocal sound that brings the song to perfection. “I Proto Machine,” brings the album back to life with a splash of vibrancy, which is enough to get you out of your seat and onto the dance floor. It brings new and old electronica music together, as Giardina puts a stellar musical twist all of his own on the genre.

“The First Boot,” “The Robot Factory,” and “System Failure,” act almost as a small play within the record. What these songs accomplish and the emotion they bring in under ten minutes, makes the pieces not only cohesive, but sonically intriguing.

“The Machines Revolution,” revives a bit of the 80’s flare we heard earlier in the record.
Static intertwined synthesizers make an appearance, as electronic drums create a sensational beat around twirling melodies. Closing out the album is “End of Transmission,” a brief song that is somehow able to capture the record in it’s entirety in less than 30 seconds.

Marco Giardina proves to have a striking musical talent with his newest release, iPrototype. The album is not only for fans of electronic based music, but can speak the language of music fans across the board, whom are willing to give iPrototype a listen with open ears. It already proves itself to be a standout record for 2014.

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Marco Giardina’s iPrototype
By Melissa Nastasi
5 out of 5 stars

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